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Reshaping The Industry:
One Game—Two Genres

In a fascinating blend of first-person shooter and real-time strategy, up to five players take the role of FPS guards, defending their castle in a match against a solo player—an RTS villain commanding hordes of monsters.

5v1 PvP clash
No pay to win
30' matches

Defend your Castle
as an FPS Guard

Playing in a first-person mode, you can defend your castle with up to 4 other players. Blast your way through the invading forces and banish the villain from your reality by performing mystical rituals.

Protect key

Unlock better
gear and skills

Perform rituals

OR Destroy the Human Castle as an RTS Villain

If you choose to be the villain of this story, you’ll have to defeat all of the defenders on your own. In a top-down view mode, you will control armies of monsters aiming to destroy the human castle.

Kill & destroy
to gain Chaos

Evolve your

Distract & overrun
the guards

Customizable art style

With Inequalis you can choose not only your playstyle, but how your hero or army looks like.

Play to win, or aquire skins and themes, that you can trade with other players, to get the exact visuals you want in the game.

Monster and hero skins

All in-game assets are customizable, to make the game look exactly as you want it, and to strike fear and envy in the hearts of your enemies:

  • Hero and monster skins
  • Custom castle buildings
  • Sound and announcer packs.



Exiting shadow development, launching the website and social networks.
Gaining traction and acquiring followers. Polling for most popular game strategy and elements to be included in development. Launching Alpha registration.
Launching public Alpha version of the game.


Gathering feedback and implementing requested features.
Public beta launch. Opening the game and servers for everyone.
Launching the game asset store, where players can buy, sell and trade skins, weapons, emotes and special abilities.
Official launch of the game.

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